13 December 2005

Bad Excuse

Dad, being a traditional fella, used to like eating animal skins along with the flesh. Chicken, duck, pork - you name it and chances are he loved eating their fat-laden skins.

Of course, he has become more health-conscious of late. Since last year he has been rejecting the skins and only taking the flesh. But during dinner today, I caught him eating a huge piece of pork leg skin, which has one of the highest fat contents.

"I thought you didn't take skins anymore?" I asked him.

"But this one is so soft!"

That is not a good excuse.


Anonymous said...


haiyo let ur father be free on what he is eating guy.. We human only can live once. thats all ;)

Life is precious... think of that!!! its either die young or die old.. die old with a young heart or die young with a unsattisfying heart!!!!!

think of it ;) :P..

your pal whose going back soon to labuan :( sad

William said...

Once in a while is OK. But I don't think not eating animal skins would be a detriment to the enjoyment of life. On the other hand, arterosclerosis is. I'm only 20+ and I have borderline high cholesterol levels. I rarely eat KFC, even on the occasions I do, the skin is a no-no. Must be bad genes...