04 December 2005

Life's A Sine Wave Part 2

[this is a direct continuation of the last post]

As I got myself up and ready to leave again, I called to mind an article I read a long time ago. It quoted a scientific study that showed that optimistic people are lucky, not the other way round. I decided to apply that thought process to myself and I left the house with confidence. Even when I forgot my wallet, I drove back in with a smile on my face. And from there my day began to get better.

In the heavy rain I managed to drive safely to YC's place and pick him up. And then we proceeded to PC Fair after lunch where I began to shop for my RAM. Surprisingly there are very few computer component stalls - mostly lifestyle products like MP3 players and speakers. This made my 512MB RAM a particular good find because most booths only stock 256MB. And at RM182, it is already pretty cheap without having to bargain. I directly plugged it into my laptop and it worked, so I'm pretty satisfied with it.

We then walked around some more before going up to the career fair upstairs. We went around, collecting free stuff, but nothing major happened. And that is a good thing considering all the terrible things that has happened. When we were about to leave, the best thing happened - I saw a mobile foot reflexology booth set up by the St. Nicholas Home for the Blind. They were only charging RM10 for 30 minutes, and I quickly jumped on the opportunity because I love massages of all kinds, and I would love them even more if it weren't so expensive. But RM10 is very reasonable and it's for a good cause so I applied for it.

I asked YC to join in, and even offered to pay for him, but he refused. Too bad, cause it was fantastic. Mr. Yusuf, the person assigned to my feet, was very cordial and friendly. He attempted to make conversation and asked me to tell him if he was pressing too hard. But it rarely hurt and it felt great all the way. I even gave him RM15 instead of RM10 but he noticed the discrepency and returned the money. How nice!

I left the place feeling much happier. Although the day started badly I kept on marching. Even when I went to the clinic to have my sore throat and cold checked, I wasn't feeling upset. I'm sorry if you read this far and didn't find any fantastic stories, but that's life. Our ordinary lives are rarely as dramatic as TV shows, but we still face the same challenges and choices.

As for me, I'm lucky I learned to make the right choice of being optimistic.

P.S. I'm kinda ending this story abruptly as it is tiring to remember what happened yesterday, and I doubt you enjoy reading every single detail of my day.

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