13 December 2005

People of Singapore Part 1

I've taken close to 200 pictures in Singapore, which is actually quite few considering that Dad took twice as many. The reason I'm less trigger-happy this time around is because I'm aiming for a different perspective of Singapore, instead of all those scenery you find in brochures.

I decided, long before I went there, to focus on the people of Singapore. I've always had a passion for people photography because it gives meaning and warmth to the picture. My initial plans were too high, though. I had planned for a professional-esque collection of portraits with the locals posing for me. But I soon realized that this is not feasible because they are busy at the moment. So I just focused on what I can take, which resulted in a lot of faceless shots.

Under each picture is a commentary on where the place is, among other things. I want to show that even advanced countries like Singapore will always need quality people to work, and that holds true for every country. I will post a photo everyday until I exhaust my supply... and then I'll start with those brochure-type photos.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy: The People of Singapore

(All photos belong to Zemien. Reproduction without permission is forbidden.)

This picture shows a lady returning a book at the National Library (NLB) using a computerized bookdrop even though the normal counter is open. Their library is huge, and it really shows how committed the Singapore government is to building a K-society. And I can see that the people subscribe to that belief as well.

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