06 December 2005


I was a lucky one. While growing up I never had an acne problem. Sure, I had a couple of zits now and then during my teenage years, but I did not experience a full-forced volcano eruption as promised by the Akil Baligh (Puberty) chapter in my Pendidikan Jasmani (Physical Education) textbook. Of course, I experienced another kind of eruption but that's another post.

Some my other peers weren't so lucky. My close buddy Alain is still fighting his pimples at age 21, which is a real pity because he is tall, dark, handsome, athletic, studious, and humourous guy. A real catch for any girl, but his ego is repeatedly squashed by those red marks on his face. He has been going for facials, but I wonder if it will do him any good. In fact, he has been such a loyal customer that the beauty centre is offering free facials in exchange for referrals. Thankfully I'm not exactly part of the target audience, so I don't have to be bugged by him.

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William said...

I think going for facials is a good idea. Pimples can go away, but scars are *VERY* persistent.