19 October 2006

My Life is (More) Complete

...now that I've finally gotten my graduation gift from Dad:

Earlier I contemplated taking photos of the iMac in my own room but didn't because:

1. People will see how messy my desk is
2. iMacs in real life don't look as good as iMacs in marketing material

To just squeeze a little more envy from all of you still stuck with Windows, here it is again:

Ironically, one of the first things I did was to install Boot Camp and then load Windows XP onto it. After which I experienced orgasmic joy via beautiful video games. At the moment I'm playing NFS: Most Wanted and Tomb Raider Legends. For someone whose last games were probably Need For Speed 3 and Tomb Raider 4 (remember those?), there's not much more I could ask for. Surprisingly good performance from the ATI X1600 chipset on a 17" widescreen monitor.

And just in case you promised yourself that you won't be jealous:


William said...

Posting that picture three times is pushing things a littttle too far. This makes up for the little spats you have with your Dad.

Moses said...

Lucky Bastard!

Innocent^^Guy said...

i dunno wats the deal with MAC..i just hate it...bcos seems like every MAC user is boastful :P

anyway, its gonna turn yellowish soon enuff b4 u know it, with ur lvl of cleanliness...haha

ZemieN said...

william: It sure does!

moses: I sure am!

inno: We are naturally boastful coz Mac OS is far superior to Win (bla bla bla)... and we paid a hell lot for it so it's our privilege.

And I'm requiring everyone to wash their hands with soap before they touch the keyboard or mouse. At least for the first month.

Innocent^^Guy said...

No no...Mac OS is not far superior than Win...thats just because there are less users and thus lesser chance of discovering its flaws...Having said that, I'm planning to migrate and get used to linux during the break...haha

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I've been thinking about using Mac but it's hard when you only have one authorised distributor in the city (I live in Alor Star)

Plus, Mac is still pretty expensive. But having a Mac running Windows could be very cool.