01 October 2006

Hurricane Post

Lack of time and lack of sleep has forced me to do what many bloggers have done before - multiple short notes!

Biological Alarm Clock
It is said that we only need to do something regularly for 6 weeks before it becomes a habit. Well, it took me half the time to adjust to the 6.30am routine. I adjusted so well, in fact, that on weekends I wake up before 7am as well! It's totally screwing my weekend nightlife. Which I don't have but I'm trying to create.

Selling My Soul
I finally joined a gym - Fitness First. And you know what? I had to sell my soul to get their free gift pack. OK, so I didn't have to sell my soul, but I needed to write down names of 10 friends and their phone number so Fitness First could go harass them. I scrolled through my address book and wrote down 10 names, who may or may not be even interested. And I explicitly told the lady not to mention my name when harassing them. All this for a bag, t-shirt, tumbler, headphones, and some silly vouchers.

Double Cascading Action
If you thought that was some new sex position - shame on you! It's the technology behind my new washing machine. OK, so Dad paid for it, but he's already made it clear I'll be doing most of the laundry. All this while we sent our clothes to the dobi, but I figured it's time to go for long-term savings and convenience by doing our own washing. So in the end we settled for a low-end Panasonic 7kg washer with Fuzzy Logic. Where they use Fuzzy Logic is quite fuzzy to me.

Sorry, just had to write that last sentence.

No Day Like Pay Day
So, I finally got my first pay slip. Never mind that it's all online and I don't get to feel it with my fingers. Now I know why people are automatically happy at the end of the month. And I just discovered that it's good to go for dates around such time because people are more willing to pay for your meal.


Kelly said...

Hey! I'll be in Penang around December 1st... so do I get a free meal?

ZemieN said...

You certainly do! Except it'll have to be at night. Or if you're still around on 2nd Dec, then anytime should be fine. Can we confirm when it's closer to the date? I have great foresight, but even I have my limits :P

William said...

You sold your friends out for freebies... I admire that. I'm sure FF will have enough tact not to mention your name.

I ban Panasonic washing machines and their stupid fuzzy logic. Can't even go through the spin cycle properly.

First pay cheque. Can't remember the feeling. In the coming years, you'll be hoping that the numbers on the pay slip will change.

Moses said...

You have to list 10 contact to get the freebie? really? those things are given free once you sign up.. If you have referred someone and they sign up, than you get another freebie. like umbrella, tuperware..flust.. etc. Well, thats what happens to me. I heard there is a promotion this month, you only pay rm20 to use the facilities for 1 month! than you can sign up or not option as the member! Isnt that cheap? hey, did you get the Superman eddition? I love it... but cant buy it..:(