25 October 2006

Duty Calls

On this fine holiday, I'm in the office. I can't exactly say why or what, but it doesn't take half a brain to come to the conclusion that there's a crisis going on. What's more of a crisis, though, is that they left the central air-conditioning off! I guess 4 people in the office do not warrant switching on the air-con capable of cooling a hundred.

I'm happy to report that my social life is finally picking up again. What's more impressive is that I'm finally playing video games again. I mentioned earlier that I bought Need for Speed: Most Wanted and Tomb Raider Legend. As an update, I'm now also playing:

  • Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones: Gorgeous graphics, but doesn't work well with my el cheapo gamepads.
  • Megaman X8: I missed out on X7 but I'm more than happy to continue playing as the Blue Bomber, now in glorified 3D.
  • Call of Duty 2: I'm not a fan of FPS, but I downloaded this game because it's the nicest-looking Mac game now. I wanted to see how well games run natively on Mac OS X instead of going through Windows. But I got hooked on this game anyway because it really makes you feel as if you're in a war.
  • Halo 1: Again, I'm not an FPS fan but I've heard so many great things about the storyline that I don't mind suffering through vertigo and dizziness to see what the fuss is all about.

Other games I'm looking out for are:

  • F.E.A.R.: I love survival horror games. And I've heard plenty of good reviews about this. So I'll give it a try once I exhaust my other FPS games.
  • Silent Hill 3: I didn't finish the first game coz I was scared shitless. But now, I want to prove to myself I have the balls to blast away virtual demented nurses.
  • The Sims 2: I know I won't stop killing them once I start playing, so I'm holding out on this for now till I get my psycho tendencies under medication.

Any other graphically-gorgeous games you'd like to recommend? I want to play all the 3D games I can while my video card is still "current".


Zyklon22 said...

Try dungeon siege 2. It's cool :)

ShaZaReenE said...

Glad to hear someone can get back to gaming... I own a PS2 and I was horrified to find out one day that ants were starting to nest in my PS2 console... can you imagine how sad I was.
Anyways, this holiday season gives me some time off to catch up... I've hooked my PS2 to an LCD projector (yeah it still works after i shake em' ants off) and catching up on some gaming.
Katamari is kinda a fun pick up game.
Kingdom Hearts has wonderful graphics (for PS2).
forgot what i wanted to say...
signing off for now...

William said...

My video card was current, what, 6 years ago?