04 October 2006

Pandemic Panda Eyes

I'm at the office early to post because Streamyx at home has not been working for 2 days already. But the moment I started writing, I forgot what I wanted to write about. Oh wait, I do now.

At the factory premises we have a small mini-market and yesterday just before leaving office I stopped by to get a bottle of Eye-Mo. My eyes have been stinging for the whole afternoon, and I couldn't take it anymore. Surprisingly the shop keeper told me it was his last unit of Eye-Mo. I guess many other workers here have been staying back more than they should.

My eyes still sting now. Sigh. Might I have to wear glasses soon?


William said...

The curse of the CRT monitor. You're either showing early signs of rabun, dry eye syndrome or you're just plain and simple tired. Rest your eyes every hour. "Eye Mo" is crap, get "Allergan Refresh Tears". Today's community service message brough to you by Klinik Pakar Mata Tan.

The Searcher said...

Maybe, it's the haze....