12 October 2006

One Can Only Hope

How I wished that our mathematics problems were as interesting as this:

The distance from Point A to B is 100km. If a cyclist starts cycling from Point A at a constant speed of 20km/h and a car moves from Point B at the constant speed of 80km/h, how long will it take for the car to run over the cyclist?
Give your answer in minutes.

Just in case you were wondering, the answer is 60 minutes.


pluboy@takashi said...

Wrong buddy.!! the answer is 0.1 minutes aka 6 seconds..

6 seconds is all the car need to run over the cyclist and left him dead..

from contact point in front, then front wheels, back wheels and under the exos pipe..

6 seconds is all needed :)

William said...

Should I apply vector then pembezaan or what? All rusty. Oh wait, it's an IQ question, so it isn't supposed to make sense.

ZemieN said...

pluboy: Extra marks for that answer! :)

william: It's not an IQ question! See, pluboy figured it out! (no offense to pluboy's intellingence of coz)

Zyklon22 said...

.... Isn't it a physics question where u have the formula for sesaran, velocity or something like that? -_- Last time I did physics was on form 5...

Anonymous said...

Lol... what a funny question.

takumination said...

t=1 hour
=60 mins