16 October 2006

Weird Happenings

Some of you might have noticed that a pop-up appears when you first enter the blog, something about cPanel username and password. I've done some checking and it appears that it's caused by the TagBoard - they have tutup kedai and now I have lost all the tags you guys, erm, tagged. Can anyone recommend a good alternative?

Another thing is that my site counter has gone bonkers and I had to reset. So I'm starting my counter from 8500 - pretty accurate if you ask me. I am tempted to just start from 9000 but I'll give myself the benefit of the doubt.

P.S. You should no longer see the weird pop-up. If you do, leave a comment.


Moses said...

try chatter.flooble.com I'm currently using that.. its alright.

Innocent^^Guy said...

or u can use mine...its stylish but laggy...haha

pluboy@takashi said...

lol.. i'll recommend cbox.. most of my fren bloggers uses it.. and its very stable.. havent crash before.. lol choi choi :)