22 November 2010

The Wizard of Oz by Sri Pelita School

The Sri Pelita international school in Penang stages a musical every year. It is also done as a fund-raising activity - one would think an international school would be sitting on a pile of cash from the school fees but apparently not!

This year the students put on The Wizard of Oz, a classic for both kids and adults. It was my first time attending their annual play but I went away impressed. Costumes were great, lines were delivered with aplomb, and I was wholly impressed with their efforts to coordinate so many young children. It was cute when some of the younger children broke out of character and waved excitedly at their parents!

I have to give most of my kudos to the girl playing Dorothy - the lead character. (Could someone fill me in on her name?) It was definitely not easy to remember so many lines and do most of the acting. I have a feeling she'll grow up to be a Rachel Berry ;)

Photos were taken with my Nokia C6-00, and you can see the dark environment is really pushing its limits.

Dorothy in Kansas

Ding dong the witch is dead!

Dorothy meets Scarecrow

The Cowardly Lion tries to bully our travellers

Arriving at the gates of Oz

The choir sings Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Curtain call

For a minimum donation of RM25, it was certainly an evening well-spent. I won't be around for next year's staging, but do keep an eye out and support local artistic endeavours. We keep talking about moving away from an examinations-centric education system, thus we should encourage such holistic approaches by actually attending them!

(Hat tip to Scott for recommending this musical last Saturday)

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