27 November 2010

First Look: Straits Quay Mall Penang

(Update: Check out the night shots from my second look at Straits Quay.)

Two new malls opened in Penang this week, the centrally located 1st Avenue Mall and the seaside Straits Quay Mall. As I was at Island Plaza for some work-related training this week, I took the opportunity to visit Straits Quay Mall just now. It officially opened today and from the look of things I feel excited about its direction!

There are only a handful of shops currently open for business, but aggressive shop renovations are going on and pretty soon it'll be buzzing with people, especially come Christmastime. I love the feeling of the place, both expansive and expensive! E&O managed to bring the colonial charm of its downtown hotel onto this reclaimed land in Tanjung Tokong. You can't help but feel glamorous walking around this place... until the wallpaper salesman pushes a flyer into your face.

With Gurney Plaza getting unbearably crowded (parking is horrendous and traffic crawls during peak hours), Penang is primed for a refreshed shopping experience. I expect 1st Avenue Mall to absorb the upper middle class urbanites while Straits Quay will squarely aim for the big pocketed.

While the view would undoubtedly be spectacular at night, you'll have to make do with some late afternoon photos shot with a camera phone :) Do yourself a favor and go soak in the nice relaxed atmosphere before the crowds spoil it all come December.

Quick 360 degree view from the quay-side:

Parking ramps are a bit tight so please be careful if you're coming in your Merc S-Class

Inland-facing side

The largest Xmas tree in Penang will be lighted up 3rd Dec 2010

Just imagine side walk cafes in 4 months time

I'd love to celebrate my birthday in the tower

A nice sea facing walkway for families and friends to gather

Nice architectural touches

Question mark?

Some booths have set up operation

Residents can access the mall easily - convenient or security risk?

Getting there: GPS Coordinates 5.45810, 100.31329

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Anonymous said...

Is Tesco opening another branch in Pg? Saw it in the map.

Zemien said...

I am not quite sure! Which map?

Zemien said...

Oh ok I saw it on their website map.

Hmm... that will certainly 'cheapen' things a bit. But will be convenient for people living nearby!

Wow... it's gonna be SOOOOO jam next time. The roads are quite narrow!

Anonymous said...

Apa yang posting bagus. Saya sangat suka membaca jenis atau artikel. Aku bisa? T menunggu untuk melihat apa yang orang lain katakan.

Anonymous said...

may i know where is the actual location? have any hotels near by?