05 November 2010

Azuma, Queensbay Mall Penang

I came here with S for dinner. It was my first visit as well and I think we enjoyed the food there. Prices are generally steeper than Sushi King and Sakae, but the quality is evident. I've always been a huge fan of Sakae but their standards are slowly slipping. Azuma and Edoichi (at Island Plaza) might be my new favourites when it comes to splurging on Japanese cuisine.

Here's a quick run-down of the things we had (S is vegetarian, hence we ordered mostly vegetarian-friendly dishes except some meat stuff for myself):

From the kaiten belt (RM1.80)
Edamame (RM 5)
Nameko Mushroom Fried Rice (RM 6)
From the kaiten belt (RM1.80)
From the kaiten belt (RM1.80)
From the kaiten belt (RM1.80)
Enoki Butter-Yaki (RM 12) (garlic is used)
Veg Hand Roll (RM 2.80)
Miso Ramen (Medium - RM 11)
Okura Kushi Yaki (Ladies Fingers) (RM 3)
Eringi Kushi Yaki (Apricot Mushroom) (RM 4)
Shitake (RM 4)
Complimentary ice cream dessert
Highlights for me were the Enoki Butter-Yaki (sinful sinful sinful) and the Apricot Mushroom (reminds S of scallops!). The Edamame is decent too. You can safely ignore the grilled ladies fingers.

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William said...

I prefer eringii over enoki.