19 November 2010

Restoran Taman Tasik, Taiping

Hey, who knew my flogging* would go regional! We stopped here for lunch on the way back from Kathina at SBS. Alas this will not be a kind review. In fact I have purposely removed the maps and coordinates in the hope that you would get lost finding this place, thus ending up someplace nicer.

This is not an attack on all Taiping food - I know there are fantastic places to eat. I just doubt this is one of them. Feel free to direct me to where I can get great Taiping hawker fare in the comments.

Very close to the iconic Taiping Lake Gardens, this food court is fairly large. There were 4 carfuls of us and I didn't hear anyone praising the food. Let me do a quick run down of what we had:

If you see this, move along.

Hokkien Mee - salty

Pan Mee - decent

Wan Tan Mee - salty

Bak Kut Teh - soup was unremarkable and yam rice was not fragrant

Koay Teow Th'ng - best among what we had but still average

I didn't manage to take photos of the chicken rice, but it was rated unfavourably too.

Where are the great Taiping food guys? I know it has something more to offer than kaya kok and heong pneah.

* flogging (v.): Food-blogging


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