29 November 2010

Favourite BodyJam Tracks

I've been replacing Les Mills BodyJam classes for the past few weekends, specifically: 30 Oct (FF), 6 Nov (FF), 12 Nov (FF), 13 Nov (FF & FS), and 20 Nov (FF).

Every instructor will invariably have their favourites - these are the songs that are usually crowd pleasers and stuff instructors will pull out when they haven't had time to properly plan a tracklist. Rehearsing for my replacement classes have really made me think of what my members will like vs. what I would enjoy teaching. Hitting the sweet spot between those two requirements is a constant struggle, especially when I don't meet those members every week.

That's a discussion for another day though. Ever wondered if we shared the same favourite tracks? Take a look:

  • BodyJam 33 - Hey Mama: The Black Eyed Peas have that magic touch when it comes to creating beats that make people move! This classic is great when there's 5 minutes in the first half to fill up.
  • BodyJam 34 - Rich Girl: Still one of the sexiest recovery tracks ever. Here's a little bit of BodyJam trivia for you - Since BodyJam 33 (May 2005), only THREE recovery tracks were exclusively sung by white artistes. Gandalf Archer has predominantly favoured urban R&B songs by black singers for recovery tracks. Therefore, doing Rich Girl once in a while provides a nice change of style.
  • BodyJam 37 - Jazz Rock block: One of my all-time favourite blocks that showcase the genius that is Gandalf. I know I'll never get another BodyJam block that is as technical and challenging as this. Although at a long 22 minutes, you never feel it because there's so much to absorb and so many little details to execute. And if you look at it from a choreographer's viewpoint, it's just amazing how G structures the learning process.
  • BodyJam 38 - Ran Kan Kan block: Again, there's so much texture in this Latin block that I can do it for 15 more times and still find something to improve on. Featuring one of the fastest turns in BodyJam, I always find myself coming back to this when I'm bored by the diluted choreography in today's Latin tracks.
  • BodyJam 41 - Trash Jam: I'm a sucker for Jazz tracks and this one is just a cardio killer!
  • BodyJam 44 - Warmup: New Day and Conga make an unlikely alliance to start a class right. Although New Day has some foot work that might confuse new members, Conga is a great way to introduce the Latin feel before more complicated routines later.
  • BodyJam 45 - Warmup: The transition between the intro and the Bollywood hip-hop is pure magic, and so are the moves. It gets pretty dragged out towards the end though.
  • BodyJam 45 - Global Electro block: Super fun and super cardio, again with lots of technical details in the House footwork to master.
  • BodyJam 46: The whole release rocks!
  • BodyJam 47 except Beat Goes On: The majority of this release is also pure BodyJam magic!
  • BodyJam 49: Sandcastle Disco is my favourite warmup ever and the class also finishes with the best Womanizer remix on the planet. WIN.
  • BodyJam 50: Another faultless release, except maybe the fact that it is a cardio killer and I'm always left breathless within 30 minutes!
  • BodyJam 52 - Tektonic Bouncy Madness: The music in this second half really takes the cake - each song makes me want to dance harder and better. The first song sets the party, but the moment Right Hand Hi kicks in, my heart rate lifts just anticipating what's to come.
  • BodyJam 53 - Disco Twenty Ten: Show me one person who doesn't like this. Anyone? The members go absolutely gaga over it!
  • BodyJam 54 - Warmup: Warmups for the past few releases have always started out being chill and groovy. This one was such a nice change - it was like a bolt straight to your heart. And Toni Braxton totally surprised me with Make My Heart.
Other blocks that I really like but do not know how to teach include the Dance4Life block (39), Krump Klub (40), Jam de Podium (42), and Disco (43).

Whether you agree or disagree with my choices, sound out in the comments :)

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