01 November 2010

Oktoberfest 2010, Penang

Last week I posted the program and menu for Malaysian German Society's 38th Oktoberfest. As it was my first ever Oktoberfest I had nothing to compare it with but its success is indisputable - more than 1500 tickets were sold before the night ended. I get equally hectic when standing amongst an excited crowd, and in that excitement I forgot to take photos of the food. Take my word that every bite is delicious.

While offering a truly festive and bonding atmosphere (especially since beer is involved), one must always be prepared to spend. I would advise allocating RM 100 for your total expenses in a single night and go with a close knit group of friends. I'll let the photos do the writing today.

Official Oktoberfest Bier. At RM25 per 500 ml, it had better be official. It has higher alcohol content and a more full-bodied flavour, without any harsh bitterness. Personally though, it still doesn't beat a certain Yan Jing beer from China.

The most popular food stall of every year is undoubtedly Ingolf's Kneipe, the most popular German restaurant in Penang (and probably the only one). Lines were so long they had queue numberings to ease congestion but it wasn't heeded.

Here I am with Jastin, waiting in the Ingolf queue.

There were other stalls with good food but without the queue, such as Nellcis Homemade Cakes.

Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng shares a pint with German Ambassador Dr. G√ľnter Gruber while the Reissner Band plays on.

The most anticipated event of the night - Beer Drinking Competition!

Upon finishing their 2 can equivalent they need to turn it over their heads and press a buzzer.

An ex-classmate of mine (and fellow school debater) won 2nd placing! Also, please forget how I look like after downing Paulaner.

Did I mention girls get to partake in free beer too? Without having to go topless (UNFAIR! some shouted)!

The bustling crowd under the main tent.

Yup, they love their beer.

Another popular contest was the ladies' beer mug endurance challenge.
Towards the end of the night the party truly got started and there was dancing going on in front of the stage (with the excellent music played by the Reissner Band, it's hard not to do a jig). Everywhere else, binge drinking ensued. I wanted to join in the party but I was glued to my seat thanks to my 3rd beer (courtesy of Jonathan Khor). I've learnt that attempting more than two beers will induce headaches, queasiness, and loose morals.

Oops, did I just reveal my kryptonite?

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Cecilia Adeline said...

Oh my! Looks fun! Planning to go this year. Fingers crossed! :)