01 April 2009


It would seem that the March 08 election tsunami has only strengthened the UMNO-led government's resolve to crush all dissent and alternative viewpoint. I may not agree with every tactic in the opposition handbook, but I certainly believe in every person's fundamental rights and freedom. This, the government cannot seem to get in its head. And everyday, the crackdown on citizen's liberties go unnoticed. Such as...

Altantuya Sharibuu - the next Lord Voldemort? Since when has the police been tasked as the nation's censors, dictating what speakers can say? Also read the viewpoint from Lim Kit Siang.

The UMNO government seems to think that only the opposition parties hate them. Well, lots of everyday Malaysians are also disappointed at the racist, blind, and illogical decisions of the people who walk in the Corridors of Power. That's why I will begin to blog more on political issues. I'm no Jeff Ooi, but I feel as the nation's young generation, we need to stand up and be heard. I urge all Malaysian bloggers to also write about the gross injustices perpetrated in the name of law and order. In our lingo, we need to tell the powers-that-be, "Dude, that's SO not cool."

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William said...

sub judice is the new buzzword.