21 April 2009

Who Needs Express Buses Anymore?

Next month I'll be heading down to KL for the Les Mills Quarterly Workshop where we'll get to preview the latest releases. I've gone for the last two, so I hadn't planned on going for this one. But when I saw the cheap Air Asia flights available, I whipped out my credit card faster than you can conjure up dirty thoughts related to the phrase "whipped out".

I paid a total of RM91 for the return flight + SkyBus transit. If I were to take Konsortium bas ekspres, it would cost RM70. For an extra RM21, I...:
  1. ... don't have to fear for my life every time the driver speeds or encounter heavy rain. Seriously the accident rate is worrying horrifying, not to mention that I lost a friend to a bus accident.
  2. ... enjoy a tiny bit more comfort. Sure, AirAsia can teach sardine-packing companies a thing or two, but at least the leather seats are clean. In contrast to (1) that rash I got from a bus seat armrest; and (2) that baby cockroach scuttling across the window pane on a Transnasional ride.
Now all I need is a nice place to stay and I think I've got that covered too.


Mark said...

Oh...what can you think of with 'whipped out'? *innocence*

Go with Plusliner or Aeroline. Sure, you pay a bit more but they are cleaner, more efficient and punctual. Even I can't be late to catch it...XD

Anonymous said...

Dude... Your blog is getting dirtier and dirties.

You can somehow connect dirty things to normal stuff that people can't think dirty of....