22 April 2009

Why Should We Pay Income Tax to BN?

An interesting article from a libertarian over at Malaysian Insider. Malaysians need to start thinking logically like him rather than spouting rhetoric and emotionally-charged squeals.

BN has no qualms about using state machineries for its benefits. They consider – without guilt – government machinery as their own private property.

There is a tendency among BN politicians to obfuscate the difference between the State or the government and the political party. This tendency can be seen during by-elections when the BN unabashedly spends millions of ringgit of public money as part of its campaigns, be it in the form of direct cash handouts or newly paved road.

During the last Umno General Assembly, a delegate made parallel the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission to a dog turning around to bite its master's hand. That is a highly inappropriate statement and yet, it is hard to imagine if Umno members attending the assembly saw any problem with that statement.

FYI, I've already paid my taxes for 2008. Have you? My company's automatic PCB deductions ensure that I've already paid most of it by April anyway.

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Silly Little Prince said...

haihz. it sucks growing up. dealing with all these crap.