07 April 2009

Agreed, Dr. M

During the campaign trail for today's tri-elections, Dr. Mahathir (former UMNO outcast and current mascot, again) mentioned in regards to street demonstrations:
“What do we get by demonstrating on the streets, except to cause damage? Dialogue is the best way to resolve unhappiness and differences. If we are still unhappy with the government, then show it through the ballot boxes”

I totally agree with the statement. But dialogue is a two-way street and we've been waiting for too long to be heard. That's why showing our sentiments through the ballot box is so crucial. If you are not yet a registered voter, do it now! Registration at post offices and Election Commission counters take only 5 minutes and are painless.

In the meantime, I'm waiting with bated breath for the outcome of the tri-elections. How will it swing? Are voters bamboozled by the popularity tactics so quickly employed by our new Prime Minister? We'll see.

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