31 March 2009

Jom Makan!

Seems like my body is adapting to the increased food intake, so I'm slowly getting ready to resume Operation: Eat.

On Sunday night I had: BBQ chicken drumstick, char koay kak, or chien (oyster omelette), yam cake, economy rice with 3 veges, steamed corn, and ham chim peng (deep-fried pastry with red bean filling). All washed down with a glass of warm barley. Before you freak out I shared most of the food with other people as well so it's not like I single-handedly tackled everything. Still, I had a filling meal and it definitely didn't cost as much as going for a buffet.

I proceeded to have a lovely time in the toilet on Monday morning.


SilverHaze said...

Nuts.. U worked so hard to lose now u are gaining it back. X-D

Hmm.... I'm hungry now....

Zemien said...

You're skinnier than me, so you should know the prejudices we face for not having a well-built body when we go on stage.

Ahh, that's life I guess!