09 March 2009

Put on Hold

Well, barely 1 week into Operation: Eat and I have to suspend it temporarily. I'm still having diarrhea though I'm not (trying my best) taking any dairy products.

Chronic diarrhea can indicate any number of scary problems, so I have to go cure this before I strain my digestive system with all the extra food I'm planning to eat.


Mark said...

Mien, you might be taking in too much food too soon. You were under-eating for your activity levels previously and your body has settled at that amount. A suddenly increase in the amount of food will strain your digestive system since it's not used to taking in so much food.

Try to wean in the extra calories. Increase bit by bit, let's say 200 calories per week until you reach the daily caloric intake that you need. At the same time, monitor what you're eating. If it's not more food that's causing the problem, it's probably something you're eating or eating more of (like dairy as you mentioned earlier).

savante said...

Take it easy with the eating.

Cool look to your blog btw! :)

Zemien said...

Thanks 4 yr comments! Yes, the only thing that I recently changed is the extra calories I'm taking in.

Maybe not so aggressive so soon?