10 August 2007

The Value of Friends

I'm going down to KL tomorrow to meet up with my ex-coursemates. I miss them *thaaaaat* much! I have promised to visit several times but the catalyst that made me go was Alvin. I wrote about him several times. He got a job in Singapore and will be moving there next month.

I'm extremely happy for him as I have great respect for him as a programmer. Hell, I don't mind admitting I did several projects with him so that I don't have to touch any source code. Yeah, that shows how good he is. And how well I'm suited to management (bwahahah!).

Singapore is just another 600km from KL, but it's different, separating us by two seas. I'm gonna miss him.


Anonymous said...

yeah, hope that we will have chance to work again.
i am gonna miss you too.


Zemien said...

Have a fun 2 years (or more!)