14 August 2007

Something's Fishy

It might be triggered by the salmon pizza we had at Itallianes, but last night I had a peculiar dream where I ate 6 large blocks of raw salmon. In real life I hate sashimi, and I avoid them when eating Japanese. But somehow in the dream I was enjoying it, and barely felt the sting from the wasabi (another abnormality).

If you were a dream therapist charging RM50 per hour, what's your analysis?


William said...

It means you're getting some "raw" action soon. What does that mean? Call me. I charge MYR100 per hour.

kelseXy said...

dont think too seriously on your dreams.
like 2 weeks ago i dreamed that i was "vandalising" people's houses with soap.
its just stuff your head makes up when you're sleeping.
pretty sure its totally random.

KellYg@n said...

It might showing that recently you start to adventure or like the things or person you dun like or dun bother to try before :)