25 June 2009

Yogurt Sorbet

I just learned a quick and delicious way to enjoy yogurt when I ordered this at a local fast food restaurant.
  1. Pour yogurt into an ice cube tray and let freeze. You may consider thinning the yogurt with very little milk or water, in case the yogurt is too dense to freeze.
  2. Put yogurt ice cubes into a bowl, and drizzle strawberry sauce over it. Hershey's syrup would make a more sinful substitute. For health-conscious fun-spoilers, I guess chopped fruits and nuts won't be too bad either (I'm thinking raisins, diced apples, and crushed cashews).
  3. Lick your lips (optional) and eat.

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Mark said...

Since when am I a fun-spoiler? Hmmmm? Cis...