18 June 2009

The Wait Begins

On the 1st of June, I placed an order for my most expensive shoe ever - a custom Nike iD Air Troupe Mid dance shoe. It costs RMB840 (around RM450). Believe me, I'm still trying to justify it! All logical reasoning has been thrown out the window when I keyed in my credit card details. I can only hope that it allows me to leap building in a single bound or walk on ceilings.

Anyhoo, after patiently waiting for 2+ weeks I finally received an email saying that it has been shipped out and I should receive my custom show within 2-7 days!

Commencing: Project "Nervously Pacing The Room and Gripping The Telephone Till My Hands Turn Blue". I'll definitely do an unboxing video for my next Banana in Beijing episode!


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