02 June 2009

Makan Makan Makan

Operation: Eat is becoming a huge success over here in Beijing! I'm now around 75kg, which means I gained almost 3kg within a month! This is getting very near to my goal, so now I'm beginning Phase 2 and started regular weight training at my apartment gym.

I'm thinking this last minute business trip is becoming a huge blessing in disguise. First, my meals are paid so that can only mean one thing. I eat buffet breakfast every single morning, plus a huge lunch and hearty dinner. The gym is just a lift ride down to the basement, so there's no place for excuses like "... but it's so far....." The gym is deserted most of the time so there's no rushing for equipment and self-conscious feelings.

So far... me likey. Let's see how much muscle I can gain before I return and resume a poor diet...


Mark said...

How is it that you're heavier than me? I'm just 73 kilos now =P

Wah, abundant free food and very convenient gym location. You have NO excuse not to gain any lean mass =)

SilverHaze said...

Later when you come back to Malaysia I'll be like... "Shawn? Is that you?????"

Zemien said...

Mark: Yeah, how is THAT possible? Something's not right somewhere, unless I have ultra dense bones or something!

SilverHaze: Haha... just think of me back in Form 5 and you'll recognize me.