28 June 2009

Is It Finger Licking Good....

... if it's in China?

Apparently, no. I just had dinner at KFC in Beijing and here are my 10-minute observations:
  1. The fried chicken is not the main attraction! There are about 7 types of various burgers and tortilla wraps featured heavily on the menu. Fried chicken is relegated to a corner and I had a hard time finding it initially!
  2. The fried chicken is *meh*. The skin is not crispy, and I could really feel the fatty chicken skin swimming in my oral cavity. Ugh! They got the Colonel's 11 secret spices right, but I think they amplified the amount of salt in there. And, there's only O.R., no Hot & Spicy.
  3. Their default set meal comes with a small corn salad and a glass of orange juice (more like cordial, actually).
  4. Coleslaw? What's that? Mashed potatoes are available though.
  5. Where can you find the best egg tarts in China? Why, in KFC of course! Their egg tarts (RMB5.50/pc, not cheap) are absolutely heavenly and has a creamy and egg-y taste. It's very similar to Portugese egg tarts, with a crispy crust and cardiac-arresting filling.
  6. For dinner I had a New Orleans Roast Chicken Burger. I think New Orleans should be offended.
I guess it's safe to say that Malaysia still holds the title of Best KFC in the World.

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William said...

KFC is best left to childhood memories. The aroma and taste is lacking now...