05 June 2009

Pop My Cherry

For most of my life, my only experience with cherries are the ones found on cakes. I always find them funny tasting, but I guess that's expected because they are sweetened, coloured, and preserved. I also can't fathom why it has a funky after taste that turns most people away.

But today I've finally tasted freshly plucked cherries and they are a MILE away from what I've had. It tastes a lot like grapes, except it only has one big seed in the middle instead of several small ones in a grape. Also, cherries grow on tall trees, unlike short shrubs as with grapes.

If you have never tasted real, fresh cherries before, you owe that to yourself. Look for the dark maroon ones as those are truly sweet. Red cherries are still quite sour. Pop a cherry today!


Mark said...

Ooooh...will grab a fresh pack from Cold Storage when I see some!

William said...

So freaking expensive in Malaysia.

Zemien said...

Mark: Yes, it'll be worth it!

William: I think so too. Here's it's about RM50 for 2kg, all freshly plucked by yourself!