02 September 2006

There's A Reason for Everything

Almost 20 years ago...
Mum told me that when I was very young, a cup fell onto my head with a dull thud. The cup didn't break nor did I bleed, which might explain why I don't remember it. According to her, I was lying on my bed near the dressing table when it happened.

About 7 years ago...
I was trying out to be a patroller (a Junior Prefect, if you will). Yes, even at such a young age I could not resist waving disapproving fingers at juveniles. We had to undergo a probation period, and during one of my duty periods I was stationed near the football field. I was looking away when suddenly a large object smacked into the back of my head. I didn't fall, but I was stunned for a moment as I waited the loud ringing in my ears to stop. Apparently a soccer ball had found its way to my skull. The players rushed over to me and quickly apologized. They disappeared before I had a chance to wave my disapproving finger. Needless to say, I quit trying and went back to being a Librarian.

I'm not sure if those two events (and other unfortunate accidents) ever made me smarter, or made me dumber. But if you ever think I'm acting wacky, at least you know what I'm going to blame it on.

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William said...

I'll keep a beer mug handy.