25 September 2006

6 is the New 5

It used to be that those who went home at 5pm had to endure a horrendous jam. As a result, more people started going back later, and later, and later. Until 6pm became the new 5pm.

I found this out the hard way when I decided to go back a little later today. I would usually leave the office by 5.30pm, and though it was already clogged up, it was nothing compared to 6pm.

Driving in a traffic jam with manual transmission for 30 minutes is more draining that 2 hours of work.


William said...

I miss the days of leaving at 1730. :'(

I remember an old Lat comic:
4pm - Government Sector Jam
5pm - Private Sector Jam
7pm - Those who go home late to avoid the jams jam

Moses said...

thats good comic!