21 September 2006

The Final Frontier

Loyal readers will know of my Three C's, and why it came about.

It's been almost 1.5 years since I took any antibiotics for sorethroat/tonsilitis, so I felt that it's the right time to slowly re-introduce those C's back into the menu. The first item was of course curry/chilli. It's true what a hawker said to me - how can a Penangite not like spicy food? While I still steer away from laksa (never a favourite), I've been able to enjoy more spicy foods nowadays without fear of waking up sore.

I've been taking curry again for some time now, and it was only recently that I attempted to have chocolate again. As I joyfully discovered, I can indulge in it once more! In moderation, of course.

The final frontier, then, is coffee. Some people wonder how I can study/work till late without a shot of caffeine every day. The answer is simple - I don't. I'm a firm believer of adequate rest, but by starting a career well-known for its late nights, I realize I better get used to coffee, fast.

As with most offices, we have an unlimited flow of coffee and tea. I never quit drinking tea so I usually have a cup around 3pm when the after-lunch effect is in full swing. But yesterday, I decided to take things a little further by adding some coffee into my tea. I added only about 20% of the cup, so it's still mostly tea. I enjoyed it!

I woke up this morning with a slight sorethroat. How very nice.

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William said...

Ah, "yin yang". Looks like you'll have to prime your body for the coffee intake.