01 September 2006

Kicking the Habit

For as long as I can remember, my official occupation has been "Student". Whether it was an official form or an online registration site, "Student" was my automatic choice. But now that I've finally gotten a job, I will have to make several mental transitions.

Case in point: As I was filling up a warranty card earlier, I almost penned down "Student" under the Occupation field, but quickly corrected myself and wrote "Engineer" instead. Times are a-changing!


William said...

What's left?

ZemieN said...


Well, that's still quite far off as from what I can foresee ;)

Anyway, don't be a hypocrite - I don't see you blogging about your white picket fence, doting wife, and adorable kids either! :)

William said...

The moment I posted that, I knew I'd hit a nerve. Sigh, meludah ke langit... Kena aku...

Nah, I don't blog about that stuff. It's more like Calvin. :)