07 January 2011

Turbulent Emotions

I'm officially leaving Malaysia (for who knows how long) tonight! I can't believe it's happening! Over 12 months of planning and uncertainties have slowly worked itself down to this moment. As one journey ends, another will begin when I step off the plane.

The most surprising thing I've encountered is how many true friends I have around me. It's hard to find sincerity among the many who just say hi-bye, or who stabs you in the back, or who relies on you for free tech support (NOT naming and shaming here!). But as I prepare to depart on my journey, there are many who are genuinely sad to see me go and who really made time to meet up even though they were busy.

You know who you are. Thank you.

It really makes it harder to leave, but I take it as a sign that I'm doing something right with my life. I've gotten plenty of well wishes, promises to send me off at the airport, farewell meals, and even ang pows. I hope to continue to be surrounded by true friends and kind strangers - my kalyana mitta.

Long journey ahead... (swiped from Nac Datta)

Till I get settled down my blogging frequency might be sporadic but I hope to maintain 3 posts weekly, even if they'll be a bit short...

1 comment:

Jackson Lim said...

You will truly be missed... However I have the feeling that we shall meet again soon... lol...