21 January 2011

Piha Beach Cafe @ New Lynn, Auckland

As I previously wrote, we visited Piha Beach and took a brief stroll around. It was just the right time for lunch after that so we stopped by the quite-recent Piha Cafe. According to my kiwi tour guide and Lonely Planet, the opening of this cafe has been strongly resisted due to fears it'll "commercialize" the area. But it's been suggested that it's actually due to a businessman protecting his monopoly on the area.

Whichever it was, the cafe was successfully opened in 2009 and it's enjoying very brisk business with its average-tasting fare and spotty service.

Sustainable architecture (solar panels, large windows) and plenty of alfresco areas

The inside is cool even if it's a little hot outside

The self-ordering counter

It was a busy day when we went and our waiter told us so. Yes, even though there is a self-ordering counter up front, we had a waiter come take our orders. Unfortunately the kitchen proceeded to mix up our orders and serve those who came later, first. This is always a sore point for any customer, no? I've already ranted the same thing with Carnavon Street's Duck Rice.

'Cab' (cabinet) food

Since our waiter advised us that the grill is backed up, we ordered from the cabinet. Each item costs $9.50 and it's basically pre-cooked food that's been kept in the fridge and waiting to be microwaved. It's pretty pricey for things that barely qualify as entrees.

The grill
Pumpkin risotto - lacks kick

Blue Cheese pie - not bad

Bacon and avocado focacia - average but fresh

Now you know how to help stranded whales - pasted on the wall

They sell products geared towards surfers - so don't get your mind in a knot with 'sex wax'

Getting there:
GPS Coordinates: -36.952978,174.472632

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