23 July 2008


My ex-coursemate Edy is getting married next Saturday. I'll be going down to Seremban for his majlis bersanding.

I'm still amused/shocked/happy. Edy was, arguably, the playboy of the groupies. Not to say he fooled around with many girls at once but he definitely could if he wanted. And he's the first to get married!

Hmm... Congratulations Edy! A historic moment indeed!


William said...

Knocked up?

Anonymous said...

Hey zemien, when are you gonna online msn.
I have been waiting for you for the whole day.
need you to send me all albums of t.a.t.u. including the latest ones.
I lost them all because of harddisk spoilt...
YOU made me love them, so you have the responsibility to provide me the drug to solve my riddle of addiction!

of course,
I agree with this
'Edy was, arguably, the playboy of the groupies.'
He is an outstanding boy that always do something out of our expectation. (eg. something that they are not suppose to do. haha!)