07 July 2008


Dad accompanied me to the police station to make a report yesterday morning. After jotting down my written statement I was directed to the cramped office of a sergeant. Talking to me alone, he probed more information out of me regarding the event. It dragged on and on because he wrote all the details from the report again.

After that he asked a cameraman to photograph the damage done to my car door, and also the crime scene (we followed them). And that was it. I still have to submit several documentation before they decide on a punishment. A steep fine is the most probable outcome, but paying a fine is better than being summoned to court.

I feel much better now (thanks Jackson for your call!), almost to the point of normal. As usual I have some residue fear of driving but it's not as bad thanks to the supportive nature of Dad this time around. I have a stronger fear of my phone actually. Everytime it rings I get a jolt - is it someone I know or is it the girl's family?

I'm not sure how Hana, the girl, is doing. I haven't asked because I want her to feel better first before calling. Last thing I want is to get a disgruntled parent on the other line threathening to sue for causing injuries to their young daughter. But I am genuinely concerned for her well-being, so I will ask about her when I contact her brother later regarding the bike repairs.

At least, for now, I am restful.


Mark said...

Things seem to be working out fine, not as bad as it first seemed. Hope Hana is doing ok as well.

david said...

still remember me?

Zemien said...

mark: Ya, a big *phew*!

david: Of coz I remember u. You're my favourite David of the 3 Davids I know :P
Thx for stopping by... long time no chat.