08 July 2008

Time for New Shoes

Can't believe it's been 11 months since I got my first Nike shoe. But as with all good things, it must come to an end. I always thought the whole point of spending so much money on branded shoes was because they could last forever. Alas, my naïveté is now proven wrong everytime I do higher impact moves. The padding has started to wear out and I could feel that it's no longer like dancing on air.

I checked with my favourite instructor, and she said she changes shoes every 6 months or so. Understandable, because she teaches every day and some of them are prety hardcore stuff too. So it's now time for a new pair of shoes to take me through the next year.

I'm going through a financial desert right now, what with the repair bills, police fines, and car insurance renewals coming up this month. But it doesn't cost a cent to dream, so I've started debating with myself on which shoe to buy.

On one hand, I've been nothing but happy with my current shoes. It's a cross-trainer, meaning that it can handle BodyJam just as well as BodyAttack. But there's a stigma attached to spending RM200 just to get the same shoe, you know? After all, I have an opportunity to get a different look and style!

My alternative is the Nike Air Force One (AF1). It's a very popular shoe for hip hop dancing, and it looks the part too. The basic design is plain white but there are plenty of funky colours that will really blend well with a BodyJam class. They also cost around RM200, and I'm very tempted! But I can only use it for Jam because it is a very stiff shoe. I wouldn't be able to do lunges or other high impact stuff with AF1!

If I was a Rich Boy, there wouldn't even be a debate - I'd get both! But the harsh* reality is that I need an all-purpose shoe for my Cardio Fit classes, so it's probably back to my Nike Air Edge L7. If only other brands will bring in their cross-training shoes to Malaysia...

* Yes, I know it's not really a harsh reality if I can afford Nikes while there are malnourished African children.

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Mark said...

New shoes.....get 'em! XD