21 July 2008

Adjusting Expectations

So I finally started my Cardio Fit class at Priority Fitness yesterday. I didn't know how the crowd would be like, so I put in mostly cardio tracks. If only I read their time table properly, I would have known I was replacing a Freestyle Dance class!

The long and short of it was, I started with 8 people, ended with 5. The cardio was out of their expectations. They kept requesting to do some dancey stuff but I already burned the tracklist into a CDRW and didn't prepare backup songs (note to self!).

Next week I'll have to adjust my class format and put in some dance tracks!

Another great challenge is that they are used to facing the mirror, so it's better for me to adjust my directions than to force mirror image on them!

The downside of all this is that I have no time to learn up BodyJam tracks...

1 comment:

Mark said...

I will try to haul my ass to the gym on Sunday morning, provided I didn't club on Saturday or going to church on Sunday or forgot to set my alarm or just plain forgot or...uhmmm, I'll try to come lah!