07 August 2008

Team Teaching

Lots of funky things happening lately! I finally joined the stage for BodyJam 45 launch at my gym on Tuesday. Don't ask me why the powers-that-be in my gym only launched the latest releases this week instead of 1.5 months ago. Rumours include DVDs that never arrived in the mail.

Anyway, the launch went pretty well despite some hiccups and messed up armlines. My height (6 feet) became a disability as I had not much room to manouver with three other instructors on stage!

I shot videos of us on the stage, so I'll post them here once they're properly edited and YouTubed. For now, here's us after the class:

From left: Ravishing Rachel, Crazy Chris, Zany Zemien, and Pretty Pauline

More important news is that I'll start team teaching with Chris beginning this Saturday! This is a big first step, as it gives me visibility to members. The challenge now is to impress them enough that they'll praise me in front of the club manager.

Anyone willing to take a bribe? :P

1 comment:

Wilson said...

Well Done !!! You do look and dance like a professional instructor! :P Keep it up always, i will support you !