25 August 2008

Graceful Failure

Remember my class at Priority Fitness?

It's been cancelled.

Well, one must learn to deal with setbacks in life and I'm not really that disappointed. Attendance was really inconsistent, since Sundays at 10.30am is a quiet time there. So quiet, I only had one member attending yesterday! I was expecting a grand send off for my last class but only one lady came. And she was 15 minutes late too! Imagine going on a date and wondering if the other party is ever turning up. That's how I felt as I walked around the empty studio.

But that actually turned out to be a blessing in disguise, as I ended my last class by twisting my ankle and falling.

It was near the final track where we were just moving side to side and somehow I rolled my left leg outwards, lost balance, and landed on my butt. I was a little shocked and laughing at my own silliness, so I rested on the floor awhile.

In a true spirit of professionalism though, I continued instructing while I sat. I demonstrated as much as I could with my upper body while the poor member tried to figure out the legs. And for the final track and cool down, I stood back up and continued teaching. The twist wasn't that bad but I still couldn't do any turns or jumps. But I completed the class nonetheless.

So that's how I will always remember my class at Priority Fitness.

What's next? I'll appreciate getting my Sunday mornings back, and I also need to spend some personal time working on my BodyJam instructing. Apparently, I'm not wowing the neutral members enough. Gotta show 'em I own the stage.

(Side note: The actual reason for my class cancellation is that many members have been requesting for Belly Dance classes on Sundays.)

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wilson said...

it's glad to know that you are not given up ! well, the least turn-ups doesn't mean you are not good enough! yeah, let's hope that you got your Saturday morning class back though.. but sighs..