03 July 2007

The Search Continues

My colleague Kelly saw my previous post and referred me to her brother who is the typical teenager who loves following phone trends. I was never such a teenager, hence I consider myself atypical :P

Anyway, I consulted with him and we both agreed the Motorola SLVR L6 is out of the question. But just when I thought that the K510i is the clear winner, he came up with another alternative that is sounding more and more tantalizing.... the Motorola ROKR E2:
It's about RM50 more expensive than the K510i, but it has SD card slot, proper music player functionality, camera 'flash' (if you can call it that), and great display.

Sigh... it's always tempting to keep moving up the price ladder, but I think I have to stop at RM600.

Here's another question: Have any of you found Bluetooth headsets truly useful?


Innocent^^Guy said...

Looks like a peanut..and looks bulky!
More importantly, I never heard of that phone -.-"

Jack said...

Nowadays I listen to Podcast when I am on my way to work. The wired headset always unplugged itself from my ears when I turn my head left and right to look at the traffic. That alone is a perfect reason why you'll need a bluetooth headset, if you listened to potcast ragularly.