27 July 2007

Motivations of A Group Fitness Instructor

The most popular question I'm asked is, "Why did you become a fitness instructor?" For a guy who lingered around during Pendidikan Jasmani and showed no disposition towards exercise, this has been a 900-degree turn.

However, for those who know me well, this doesn't seem like a wrong step at all. I have always stated my ambition to be a lecturer one day, and this is a logical stepping stone. With my current job I don't have much opportunity to teach, but as an instructor I get to do what I love (though in a different subject matter).

On whether I might one day drop everything and become a full time instructor, I highly doubt that. The instructor pool is becoming saturated, and it'll be unlikely one can teach enough classes per week to live comfortably. But it's my safety net, something I *could* do if all computers died tomorrow night in a worldwide EMP attack by overzealous aliens.

Perhaps people won't be too keen on BodyStep in such trying time but I hope the aliens might want to stay healthy while dominating Earth.


mighty_panda said...

haha, i guess animal also need healthy lifestyle too.. who knows? Panda, Koala etc...

KellYg@n said...

The "Motivation of A Group Fitness Instructor", for you, should be there are hardly any charming and highly-motivated instructor like you. Every time attending your class, I can feel the enthusiasm;from you, and from the class attendies.
I also like to teach, perhaps we will be in the academic line one day :D