17 July 2007

Cardio Dance Videos Part 1-2

This is a continuation of yesterday's post, obviously.

Track 4: Modfied BodyJam 28 Bongo Song

I was a bit blur and moved off center so you can't see me very well. Anyway, this was the exact same song I did at the children's camp (check out earlier videos). The full Bongo Song from BodyJam 28 was quite long and frankly quite tiring. It's a good dose of cardio, but I decided to trim it down a bit and make it simpler.

Track 6: Love Today

This is another original choreo from my first release. It's a simple step warmup routine but since it's already halfway through the class I make them do power knees rather than tap repeaters.


mighty_panda said...

U look rather cute and energetic in your class... one question, is the pink color t-shirt your uniform ah? :P

Zemien said...

mighty_panda: Not as energetic as you, Mighty Panda! :P The pink t-shirt is just something I happen to wear. I don't have a uniform, as you'll see in future videos. Thanks for leaving a comment!

KellYg@n said...

'Luckily' I attended the class so have chance to be tapped. Very funny when looking at it.hahaha...

Well done and I can see every class attendees enjoy your class (dunnoe maybe is because u are charming :P). You can aim for professional instructor in no time

Zemien said...

kelly: Thanks for your always-sweet comments!