24 December 2010

Pulau Payar: Marine Park

The Marine Park obviously encompasses the island and the waters surrounding it. If you are going straight to the island and skipping Langkawi Coral's reef platform, this post will be of use to you.

There is a separate RM5 charge for adults that goes straight towards the running of the marine park. Before going please verify if this RM5 is included in any fare you pay.

View of the island from the pier

The great thing about Payar Island is the sheer number of fish in shallow waters. You don't have to walk very far out to see many fishes:

Snorkeling and fish feeding

According to Jafri (tour guide), it would be even better if we came during high tide. I believe that's true. If this is what I can see in low-tide, just imagine what I might see if there were deeper waters:

OMG Black-Tipped Sharks!

OMFG even more sharks!

The juvenile sharks were swimming happily (and rapidly) among their prey. I even managed to see one shark feed on a smaller fish.

Marine Park Information Centre

View of the pier from the island

There are other things to do besides snorkeling here. For one, you could try a short jungle trek. We didn't attempt it, but at 183 steps it wouldn't be very challenging and you might get to a more secluded beach.

A short jungle trekking track is available

According to Jafri, there were a few lodgings that were built without obtaining prior permission, and so they have been abandoned even though it's finished. In a way I'm glad as this helps preserve the environment.

Abandoned constructions

Abandoned constructions

There are showers and toilets just next to the Information Centre, and life guards are on duty.

Clear waters

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