21 December 2010

Pulau Payar: Langkawi Coral Platform

The platform

Though you can get to the island with other tour operators, it's obvious that Langkawi Coral is the major player here. They run the first and only coral reef platform in Malaysia, and it's definitely worth the visit if you go to Pulau Payar as it eases your snorkeling and scuba diving activities.

The basically have many cafeteria-style tables scattered throughout the platform, and you are free to use any of them. They also have a nice sun deck on the upper level, which was unfortunately closed for repairs when we visited. Besides that, they have 4 shower cubicles with fresh water that immediately flows into the sea - so no soap or shampoo is allowed! There are also 2 toilet cubicles that sometimes need queueing up.

Main deck of the platform

Upper sun deck (closed for repairs as of Dec 2010)

One of the main attractions of the platform is the underwater observation tunnel. Observe sea life without getting wet! Although it's just a short loop, plenty of windows let you peek out into the marine life around the platform.

Entrance to underwater observation tunnel

Down to the tunnel

Glass windows afford views on both sides

No drinking water is provided so bring your own or buy your refreshments and souvenirs from the souvenir counter:

Get your souvenirs, refreshments, and diving bookings here

The counter is also where you book your diving sessions (more on this next post).

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