03 December 2010

Steamboat at Spicez Cafe, Prangin Mall Penang

Shop front
Prangin Mall has plenty of eateries, mostly forgettable fare. But this cafe located in the middle span of Prangin Mall (3rd floor) has been operating for many years, popular for their steamboat and tomyam soup base.

Dad and I ordered the "Personal Luxury Set" meant for 1-2 pax at RM37.80 (comes with 1 choice of soup - clear, tomyam, or spicy ma la). Well, I'm not a big fan of tomyam (except some authentic Thai variants) so for this steamboat session we only had the clear soup base. I'll say that the clear soup base is pretty tasteless. It only became 'drinkable' after cooking the various meats and vegetables in it. I would have preferred something more herbal - a few dates and chinese wolfberries isn't that expensive!

This set comes with:

  • Instant noodles, di wang noodles, tang hun, bi hun, yellow noodles, or rice (Choose 1)
  • Beef, mutton, or pork (Choose 2)
  • Prawn, chicken slices, sotong slices, sotong ball, fish ball, crab stick, vegetable ball, dumpling, chinese mushroom, abalone mushroom, bean curd slice, vegetables, cabbage, egg, enoki mushroom, meat ball, tou ki, and fish wantan.

Pork and mutton slices

Although it doesn't look like much, we both left Spicez Cafe feeling very stuffed! Drinks are quite expensive. If you're a big fan of tomyam, try theirs. You don't have to go for steamboat as they have normal tomyam noodles to whet your appetite.


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涮涮樂 Spicez Cafe
Prangin Mall, Georgetown, Penang

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Anonymous said...

Is too bad you did not try out the tom yam. I like it very much. Every time I go to Pragin, I feel very tempted to the tom yam smell ( i am a huge fans of tom yam but cannot take too much)