10 December 2010

Lily's Vegetarian Kitchen @ Madras Lane, Penang

One of the most popular vegetarian cafes in Penang is Lily's Vegetarian Kitchen at Madras Lane. A group of us visited Lily's on a late Sunday morning and the place was already half full. Their main draw is the wide range of ala carte food items, ranging from local favourites like Koay Teow Soup to western standards like Vegetarian Chicken Chop. The pricing is reasonable too.

They operate on a semi self-service basis. Make and pay your order at the counter and a number will be given. When your food is ready waiters will bring it to your table, so make sure you display your assigned number prominently and keep your receipt in case of missing deliveries.

Frankly I find the food average on this visit but there's no denying they provide a nice change from the usual vegetarian economy rice that most are subjected to.

Cassava Spring Roll (RM4)
Cassava is a root plant similar to japanese sweet potatoes (are they even the same?). It's the nicest thing I had that day - freshly deep fried with a crisp outer layer and soft center.

Lasagna (RM10)
This was my main entree. When I made my order, the cashier warned me that it takes 15 minutes to serve this, which makes sense for a baked dish like this. Guess what? It was served in 5 minutes, even before the noodle dishes below! I was surprised but biting into it clearly revealed that this was a pre-made lasagna. It was probably microwaved which is the only way it could be ready in 5 minutes. The pasta was already soggy, but the filling was actually decent. If only it was made fresh.

Mee Jawa
Cronos commented this as pretty tasteless. It's even obvious from the photo that there wasn't much tomato puree in the gravy.

Koay Teow Thng
The Koay Teow Soup was not too shabby but there's not much you can expect from this dish anyway!

Order at the counter at the far end

Getting here: GPS Coordinates 5.417397,100.326816

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