26 August 2009

Under the Weather

There are instructors who can teach 3-4 classes a day and survive with a smile on their faces. Maybe I have to concede that I'm not one of them. On Friday evening I taught 2 classes, and I became quite lethargic on Saturday and Sunday. Monday I began to have cough. Monday night the fever came. I stayed in bed on Tuesday, and this morning I began to have some slight runny nose. The fever is under control, but because of that the doctor would not issue an MC for today. Damn her.

Anyway, I doubt it's A(H1N1), but I'm taking necessary precautions by avoiding contact, wearing a face mask, and upping my supplements. I am currently:
  • Taking at least 3000mg of Vitamin C a day (spread out over 3 doses)
  • Taking NoCo, a herbal supplement
  • Making lemongrass + ginger tea everyday
  • Constantly drinking warm fluids (green tea, for all its antioxidants)
  • Gargling with salt water twice a day
  • Avoiding exercise (say bye to my stamina!)

Anything else to add?


Mark said...

Mien, some tips:

1. Sleep a lot more.
2. Eat more nutrient-dense foods: Fruits, vegetables, healthy fats (nuts, fish/olive oil, flax seeds etc), whole-grains, lean protein.
3. Take some multivits every day.

I workout a lot as well, but I very rarely get sick, sometimes just need more rest. Believe me, you need the rest, food and nutrients to boost immunity and recover fast.

Zemien said...

Mark: Thanks... feeling much better now...

dailymuscle said...

That's a lot of vitamin C! Too much can cause Nausea.