25 August 2009

New Room

I'm moving to a new room! No, not a new house, but a new room!

My house has an under-utilized guest bedroom. Well, guests rarely stay over at my place. I don't blame them - my house ain't exactly a fun fair of exciting experiences.

Anyhow, the air-con in that room malfunctioned recently. My father changed it, along with the 20 year-old mattress. So now the room is actually better than my own. Therefore, the decision to switch rooms.

I've spent the last couple of weekends just cleaning up the room. You won't believe the amount of lizard excrement in that room. And the spiders I had to chase out. Eww. Mildew was the last of my worries.

Still, I managed to air out the place and now it's ripe for moving in. I just gotta decorate it a little and beautify the place. Then, I'll finally get to enjoy that nice queen-sized bed! That's the chief advantage - I can now accommodate another human being on the bed (wink! wink!). My old room only has a single bed and it's IMPOSSIBLE for 2 people to sleep on it (trust me - I've tried).

Pictures will be up once I've touched up the room with some lemongrass (nice color, easy to grow, and natural mosquito-repellant) and other as-of-yet-undecided decorations.


William said...

2 persons on a single bed baru romantik ma. :P

Zemien said...

William: Maybe if both have waif-like 50kg bodies. But I have a wide hip, remember? Sudahlah already take up 2/3 of the bed, mana ada tempat untuk org lain?!